About Vehicle

All-New Bold Design with Jet-Inspired Tail Lamp With its bold design andjet-inspired sporty tail lamp,the all-new Grazia 125 is a notch above. Its fine cuts,superior finish, and unbeatable technology makes it a class apart.


Bold design with jet inspired tail lamp

With it's bold design & jet-inspired tail lamp the all new grazia125 is a notch above. It's fine cuts, superior finish & unbeatable technology makes it a class apart.

New Split LED Position lamps & Headlamp

The Sharp style of the new split LED position lamp & headlamp elevates the bold, sporty look of the new Grazia125. Together, they add more aesthetic to it's design.

STYLISH Muffler Protector

The Stylish muffler protector in DIO makes it look really cool while protecting the feet from feeling the heat while riding. Besides, it enhances the style quotient.

Stunning Mind

The intelligent mind of grazia125 gives precise measures from real-time mileage to average mileage. You can now track updates on distance to empty with just a click. The 3 Step Eco indicator always keeps you ibformed & ensures you are riding in the economical range.

Side Stand Cut Off

The Grazia125 cuts off the engine whenever the side stand is in use with it's revolutionary intelligent system

Idiling Stop System

The ISS in the new grazia125 makes every ride more economical by smartly eliminating fuel wastage. It automatically switches off the engine at brief stop like traffic lights. Genius Isn't it?


The engine start/stop swtch brings the ultimate ease right to your fingertips. Making the start of every journey feels sportier and effortless.

HET Engine with eSP technology

The intelligent HET Engine with eSP technology maximises the efficient combustion minimise friction to optimize energy output. Integrated eith Hondas unique ACG Starter, It starts the engine jolt free with a refined sound. Overall, it delivers unmatched performance & contributes to a cleaner environment.


The innovative ACG starter of the new Grazia125 starts silently by discarding the gear meshing. Other than the silent start, it also redeuces engine maintanance.


The intelligent sensor based PGM-FI system injects the engine with optimum fuel & air for ideal combustion. This provides consistency in power along with great mileage.

Integrated Pass Switch

The extraordinary passing switch allows you to pass signals on a low/high beam while riding

External Fuel Lid

NO more hassle of lifting your seat. Refuel your grazia 125 without getting off.

Redesigned Glove Box

The new design of the front glove box is made from a premium quality material. It is now more stylish, convenient & spacious.

Multi-function Switch

Safety for the scooter and convenience for you brought together in one compact console. It makes operating ignition, handle lock, seat lock and external fuel lid quick & easy.

Telescopic Suspension

The telescopic suspension of Grazia 125 gives more cushioning and minimal judders when you are on the go.

Front-Disc Brakes

Grazia 125 is designed to give you control at all speeds. With it's front disc brakes. It gives you added braking power & more confidence at every turn & Crossing.



Type: Fan Cooled, 4 Stroke,SI Engine
Displacement: 124 cc
Max Engine Output: 6.07 Kw @ 6000 rpm
Max Torque; 10.3 N-m @ 5000 rpm
Fuel System: PGM-FI
Bore: X Stroke 50.0 X63.1 mm
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Air Filter Type: Viscous Paper Filter
Starting Method: Kick/Self


Length: 1829 mm
Width: 707 mm
Height: 1167 mm
Wheel Base: 1260 mm
Ground Clearance: 171 mm
Kerb Weight: 108 kg
Seat Length: 708 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.3 L


Tyre Size (Front) 90/90-12 54J
Tyre Size (Rear) 90/100-10 53J
Tyre Type (Front) Tubeless
Tyre Type (Rear) Tubeless
Brake Type & Size (Front) Disc-190 mm
Brake Type & Size (Rear) Drum-130 mm


Frame Type: Under Bone Front Suspension: Telescopic Rear Suspension: 3-Step Adjustable, Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type


Clutch Type: Automatic


Battery: 12V, 5.0 Ah
Headlamp: LED, DC


Fuel System: PGM-Fi